EMI MESS seen by Bénédicte Burguet


Meeting with Bénédicte Burguet, Beauty & Fashion Senior Editor at Vanity Fair France

A friend of the House, Bénédicte Burguet, Parisian, creative at heart and Fashion, Beauty & Jewelry journalist for Vanity Fair France, shares her vision of Emi Mess, what seduced her and the emblematic designs she adores.

Bénédicte wears the COSIMO Poncho & HEMA Shirt

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your connection with Emi Mess values ?

Bénédicte: I am a fashion, beauty & jewelry Senior Editor. My career choice was guided by my love of “beauty”. The Emi Mess values of durability, excellence and quiet luxury speak to me because they’re exactly what I am looking for in my daily life.

“The Emi Mess values of durability, excellence and quiet luxury speak to me because they’re exactly what I am looking for in my daily life.”

Bénédicte Burguet

What was your first Emi Mess experience and what appealed to you ?

Bénédicte: The Avit pants. Upon receipt, I was blown away by both the cut and the quality.

Bénédicte wears the AVIT Pants

Bénédicte wears the COSIMO Poncho & LANCELOT belt

What are your favorite designs and how would you wear them ?

Bénédicte: My style is very similar to the lookbooks so I wear the pieces more or less as Emilie presents them.

I’d say the Cosimo poncho over a huge black cashmere sweater; the Augier high-waisted wool satin pants with a t-shirt or sweater to go to work; the Lucien coat, classic and straight or the Maximilien blazer for everyday; the Charles leather culottes with a black t-shirt. It’s all my absolute style.


CHARLES Culottes

“I fell in love with Emi Mess designs. The sharp and minimalist aesthetic speaks to my heart.”

Bénédicte Burguet

We’re talking about investment designs, the notion of investing in pieces that are passed down from mother to daughter. How do you define your investment and why are you so convinced ?

Bénédicte: In my opinion, an investment is based on two things: a design that escapes successive trends and quality that allows for very long-term use.

I have had a very specific style since forever : pants, shirts, cashmere sweaters, long coats, blazers… Considering my “fashion” profil, it’s my interest to bet on sure values to keep them for a long time.


PACOME Coat (coming soon)

Bénédicte wears the PACOME Coat (coming soon)

Which design could you pass on to your daughter Blanche in the future ?

Bénédicte: The Pacome coat, oversized in wool fabric, the same design I’d stolen from my own mother when I was teenager. History repeats itself …


Emi Mess in one sentence ?

Bénédicte: Timeless classics

In one word ?

Bénédicte: Quiet Luxury

In one piece ?

Bénédicte: Pacome Coat

In one fragrance ?

Bénédicte: A fresh unisex cologne that’s also timeless.