Letter to my grand-mother

The power of words, this release.

You, so bouncy and taller than me in the past, always perched on your stilettos
You, so small and fragile today
You, this force of life, with fighting spirit, radiant in all circumstances
You, this class of elegance of all kinds

You, to whom I owe what I am today

You, who gave me the taste for and the knowledge of elegance
You, who taught me this art of associating and dissociating
You, who made me appreciate the touch of the noblest fabrics
You, who taught me to consume less and better

You, who, oh so much, taught me to estimate the work on a carefully crafted and embellished piece
You, who, oh so much, taught me to observe the meticulous hand-work

You, who made your passion mine
You, who knew how to make your passion mine
This adventure is yours.